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October's Highlight - Cinnamon \(^O^)/

Heiii... (^o^)
The october is coming!! I really look forward, since many things will happen in this months...
First, I will move into new place. Hehehhe *jigjig* I'm still preparing though... Not really excited to pack my things, but well no pain no gain... Hahhaha
Second, my church will held a bootcamp for leadership. This is my second time join it, for new level though. Fuhh... Pray for new understanding and reborn ;D
And third, this month I will talk about "cinnamon". I found and realized that this herb is not only amazing for cooking, but for beauty too.  For years, cinnamon was known as "wonder food" in various culture for its benefit in health and flavour.  Why cinnamon?? Because since forever, I live in the one of the beautiful tropic country called Indonesia. It is really easy to find cinnamon. The cinnamon itself was cheap and fresh. I am challenged to elevate this simple herb into something that useful for beauty and easy to do even in the busy lifestyle. So…