Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream Review

Yuhuuww... \^^/ Finally, after years of idle-life I'll be able to push myself to write again...

It’s almost a year since I used this cream. Personal-experience-speaking, this cream does a lot of wonders for my skin. It claimed to be “An anti-aging cream that providing full nourishment. It tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, and brightens your overall skin tone.” Sounds legit, right?!

At my age now, people probably think I didn’t need an anti-aging product yet. No wrinkles and only little spots scatter under my eyes (I’m not boasting, okay?!). Well, I think a prevention is needed when the thirty-number is just around the corner. As always, my biggest skin concern is my super-dry skin and dry skin is easier to pick up the wrinkles. By using this cream, I attempt to tackle my skin problems, while at the same time prevent the anti-aging issue and got some brightening effect. *fingers-cross*

I did buy this cream after tried a sample I got from an online-shop. I felt the texture was incredibly thick and thought, “Well, this is perfect for my super-dry skin. Let’s buy the full-size cream.”. So that’s how things went by, and now almost a year is passed.

Here, here... Let me tell you more about this cream,
  1. As I said, the texture was thick. I recommend this cream for a dry skin type and to be used as a night cream. People with oily skin type may use this too, thought you might like to only use it for your night skincare routine. Unless you want to have greasy face all day.
  2. The good thing about this cream is after you put it on your face, it will make a layer of moisture. It is not the easy-to-absorb type of cream, and this is the reason why I recommend this to be used at night. In the morning or the day use, it will easier to use a cream that is easy to absorb by our skin.
  3. Perfect as the last layer or the 9th layer (if you use sleeping pack) in 10-step-of-Korean-skincares. The not-so-easy-to-absorb is the main factor why this cream is good. The moisture layer it gives act to lock the moisture and help to keep the other skincare layers in their place while you sleep.
So far, I’m still digging in this cream and using it as diligently as possible. Hence the lazy-night with only sleeping pack ;Let me know if you had any different experience with this cream. Is it giving you a good (or bad) effect?

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